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Attract Customer and Increase Sales

Fun for the whole family and great for innovative solutions for bars, restaurants and family entertainment centers

Entertainment and Sales Solution

Primetime Amusement is an operating entity of Newport Diversified, Inc. With more than 20 years of experience, we specialize in profit sharing from the use of coin-op and digital video equipment. Our partners consist of bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, college campuses and military bases throughout Southern California. With the supply of the latest arcades and services, we are sure to increase your revenue and customer traffic flow.

Bar Equipment

Increase your customer Interaction and improve the bar atmosphere by adding a Jukebox Music System. Our Jukebox systems come with the option to add Music Videos to the Bar environment to drive even more interaction and enjoyment from your customers, all while adding an additional revenue stream to your location.  


Add the elements of fun to your location by allowing us to add great Arcade games such as Air Hockey, Prize Games, Games of Skill, Classic Arcade Games and more to draw families to frequent your establishment.  

Equipment Service

Primetime has years of experience in the Amusement Equipment arena.  Having an issue with your Pinball, Jukebox, Arcade machine?  Let our techs give you a quote to get the fun going again.  


Here is how our profit sharing service works for you at no cost:

-FREE equipment.
-FREE prompt service for all of the equipment.
-FREE rotation of video games and equipment.
-50/50 profit sharing from the gross revenue produced from all of the equipment!