Bar Equipment

Digital Jukebox

With the choice of the Touch Tunes digital jukebox, your customers are able to pick and choose their favorite genres of music to satisfy their party desires. It is a great way to increase your sales and business revenue!

Flat Panel Bartop Games

These are great for individual or groups to satisfy their gaming desire with over 100 games to choose from, which include everything from “Drinking Monkey” to “Strip Poker.”  A big hit with the adults in your bar.

Pool Tables

Here is a great way to keep large groups of customers in your location while listening to the music from your digital jukebox and ordering more food and beverages.

Pinball Machines

A classic favorite that will please all ages from teens to adults.

Golden Tee / Silver Strike Live Arcades

With the GOLDEN TEE or SILVER STRIKE, players have the opportunity to compete with other bars in your area live, online. This is a great way to continually draw in crowds into your place of business.